Parkour in Schools

As a diverse and holistic practice, parkour can be valuable for all four HPE strands:

  • Personal health and physical development
  • Movement concepts and motor skills
  • Relationships with other people
  • Healthy communities and environments

We can help your school with the following opportunities:

  • Parkour in HPE at primary, intermediate, and secondary schools
  • One-off workshops (on or off school property)
  • Staff professional development
  • School parkour clubs

Our main coaching team is based in Hamilton and services schools in the Waikato region. We can sometimes travel further afield and involve the support of our Member Organisations.

Let us know how we can help!

Curriculum Resources

We have developed a free Unit Framework for physical education in secondary school junior HPE. The framework covers achievement objectives, learning outcomes, key competencies, success criteria, rubrics, as well as a brief course content overview.

NOTE: It is not recommended for schools to undertake parkour without the support of Parkour NZ or a qualified parkour coach.

Start a School Parkour Club

Schools are often excellent training grounds for parkour, but it is important for staff and students alike to work together in order to ensure that the students and the school are in agreement on how parkour is or is not to be trained on school grounds. This resource covers all the ins and outs of parkour training outside of class time and can be used by students or staff to create a parkour club at school.

"Our Phys Ed Dept identified a gap in our students’ movement vocabulary which we felt needed development.

We contacted Parkour NZ to help us develop a unit and the results were superb. The unit progressed in logical steps and was challenging, engaging, and fun - adding a new dimension to our students' movement vocabulary by challenging them to be adventurous, take risks, and expose them to a new and different approach to movement.

The lessons used basic equipment we could source from within our school or our community, as well as the architectural features of our school environment, so the financial outlay was minimal. Parkour NZ provided our staff with professional development for the theory and skills of parkour and assisted with the delivery of the programme when we felt we needed support.

I recommend Parkour NZ very highly and encourage you to seek their support if your school is considering parkour as part of the HPE curriculum."

Ray Edwards - HOD HPE/Sport and Exercise Science (Waikato Diocesan)

"We found the programme that was offered extremely beneficial for our students in terms of:

  • Challenging the belief of what physical activity is and can be
  • Giving the students a mental and physical challenge that is different to others they have encountered
  • The challenge by choice model
  • ``To be and to last`` philosophy
  • The ``I can’t do it YET`` mentality

These are just a few of the benefits I believe our students were exposed to.

I did find the program far more beneficial when there was more than one coach with a group. I think the students appreciated having more than one coach present given the challenging nature of the activity. I think this also made it less stressful and more manageable for the coaches themselves."

Murray Shannon - HOD HPE (Fairfield College)