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Our team is available to consult on all your parkour design needs. From the integration of parkour into multipurpose design projects to fully bespoke parkour parks.

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Design Approach

Parkour is a training method and philosophy of overcoming physical obstacles. ​​​​​​​Parkour practitioners discover these obstacles by exploring their environment. These obstacles may be found in urban or natural environments, high or low, and in any shape, form, or texture. It is up to the practitioner to decide what a suitable obstacle is and how best to navigate it.

While parkour readily attracts younger audiences, parkour is not limited to a youth activity. We always acknowledge and cater to varying ages and abilities in our parkour designs.

We also strongly advocate for discussion between parkour practitioners, local government, property owners, and the public to ensure the safe, effective portrayal and practice of parkour within existing public spaces. Communication and collaboration to allow the continued use of public space for parkour training should always be high on a stakeholders list (i.e. parkour cannot be limited to purpose-built spaces). However, the creation of parkour-specific training spaces has many benefits to the local and national parkour community as well as other user groups and the public.


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