JAMZAC is New Zealand's National Parkour Competition, running since 2017.

Date: April 21st - 23rd, 2023

Location: Flow Academy of Motion


  • Friday, April 21st - Evening open jam
  • Saturday, April 22nd - Youth skill and speed (qualifiers and finals), Open skill qualifiers, jamming in town, Open speed and style (qualifiers and finals).
  • Sunday, April 23rd - Youth speed (qualifiers and finals), Open skill (finals), jamming in town.

Download full event schedule.

Age Brackets:

  • Youth (13-16)
  • Open (17+)

Entry Fees:

  • Participants: $25
    • You must be a Parkour NZ Member to participate.
    • You must complete the registration form to participate.
  •  Spectators: $5

Competition Categories:

The competition categories take inspiration from those developed by Sport Parkour League. These categories cater to three common methods of training in parkour (skill, speed, style) and participants can choose to compete in one or more categories. See more below.


A series of short time-trials over various pre-determined courses. Participants will have a limited number of attempts to record their fastest time for each course.

Tip: We recommend training your creativity, precision, and agility in addition to speed.


A series of pre-determined challenges involving one or more specific movements that require confidence and precision. Participants will have a limited number of attempts to complete the challenges. Achieving each movement with precision within a single attempt will be rewarded with maximum points, each attempt after dropping in points.

Tip: This is all about performing fundamental parkour skills, so make sure you've honed all the practical movements. Additionally, practice transitioning from skill to skill fluidly, and of course, stick your landings.


A series of self-choreographed lines performed within a semi-confined environment. Participants will have up to 1 minute to make their way through the course, attempting to perform any number of fundamental and acrobatic skills in a single run. Participants are scored on flow, difficulty, execution, and overall impression. There is also a “Big Trick” prize.

Tip: The best runs involve a seamless flow of creative movement that focuses on one or two more difficult movements.

Online Style Qualifiers (Optional)

In addition to on-site qualifiers for the Style category, all participants are invited to submit a video for our online qualifiers.

Videos will be judged using the same criteria as the on-site qualifiers: Flow, difficulty, execution, and overall impression.

The top 4 submissions in each age category (4 adults and 4 youth) will be automatically entered into the competition heats.

Submission Requirements:

  • Make a 1-minute video of you performing a style run(s) anywhere in New Zealand.
  • Only one video per participant, and only one participant per video.
  • The video can include previously-filmed footage captured within the last year.
  • Upload the video to YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram and send a link to contact@nzparkour.co.nz.
  • Deadline: April 12th


When do I get to see the course setup for the event?

Can we warm-up/prepare before each category?

Will there be opportunities to jam outside the competition?

Are you providing accommodation, transporting, or catering?

Why can't under 13s participate?