Parkour NZ provides public and private workshops. We tailor our workshops to our clients’ needs and have been involved in an array of events:

  • Camps
  • Music festivals
  • Corporate functions
  • Homeschool groups
  • Holiday programmes
  • Intermediate and secondary schools
  • Parkour events by other organisations
  • Children’s Day and other events by Local Government
  • As well as other youth group and team-building style events

We’re available for both indoor and outdoor events. We always like to work with existing features (i.e. suitable architecture for parkour training) but can also run our services in spaces with few or no environmental opportunities – in these cases, we have mobile equipment that can supplement or substitute the built environment.

Please Note: Our main coaching team is based in Waikato, but we are available to travel elsewhere or work with our Member Organisations to support your event.

If you would like to book us for a workshop please use the contact details below.


We organise and support national, regional, and local jams and gatherings. These are non-competitive, open invite events to explore a city and its architecture and train with its people. Sometimes these involve classes, workshops, or other activities, but they do cater primarily to the existing community.


The premier event of the year is the New Zealand National Parkour Gathering (NatGat for short). This is held every year over Waitangi weekend in a different city each year. NatGat also plays host to the Parkour NZ Annual General Meeting and Community Awards.


Parkour is primarily non-competitive, but we organise and support indoor and outdoor competitions around the country. Parkour competition formats are always evolving, but you're likely to see one or more of the following formats at our comps:

  • Skill - Pre-set challenges performed as best as possible
  • Speed - Time trial races
  • Style - Choreographed performative routines
  • Big Trick - One choreographed performative move
  • Own the Spot - Audience voted favourites for videos in specific outdoor locations


Our National Parkour Competition is held annually in April around ANZAC Day in Auckland at Flow Academy of Motion.

Competition Philosophy

Parkour NZ is aligned with Sport NZ's Balance is Better approach to youth participation.

We integrate and follow the guidance of Good Sports resources including the Good Sports Spine, focusing on the Climate of Development.

This is especially the case in our competitive events, which we only make available to teenagers and adults.