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We're Supporting the Growth of Parkour in NZ

Parkour NZ designs & consults on parkour parks, and the integration of parkour into multipurpose design projects.

Parkour NZ provides public and private workshops for all abilities, jams and competitions.

Want to become a parkour coach? Parkour NZ develops and qualifies parkour coaches nationwide. 

Parkour is a perfect fit for the New Zealand Health and Physical Education (HPE) Curriculum.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is parkour?

Parkour is a primarily non-competitive discipline and philosophy where practitioners adapt their movement to overcome physical obstacles in their environment. It is an empowering and diverse activity with several different schools of practice.

Where do you do parkour?

Most parkour occurs outdoors in public places anywhere you can find suitable obstacles (things that aren't slippery and won't break). This includes urban settings in city centres and natural outdoor spaces. Check out the New Zealand Movement Card for more details on property, trespass, and liability.

Who is Parkour NZ?

We're the National Sport Organisation for parkour, actively growing and supporting its development and recognition within Aotearoa New Zealand. As a registered charity, we nurture the physical, social, mental/emotional, and spiritual well-being of individuals and communities through the practice of parkour.

Want to train parkour in Aotearoa?

Parkour NZ Classes

Parkour NZ classes are paused while we review our delivery capacity.

Organisation Members

Check out our Organisation Members and their purpose built parkour facilities. Contact them directly for their class timetables.

Community Groups

Find Facebook groups across New Zealand to connect with local practitioners.
NOTE: Parkour NZ cannot verify the popularity or present usage of these pages.

Become A Member

The best way to show your support for parkour in New Zealand is by becoming a financial member. Not only will your membership help us to better understand our community and help us to get funding, you’ll be able to directly influence the direction of parkour in New Zealand (think parkour parks, jams, competitions, facilities, community initiatives, etc.).

Membership also gets you access to:

- The Parkour NZ newsletter

- Vote at the AGM on important decisions

- Participate in Parkour NZ competitions


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