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NatGat 2014 is this Weekend!

The NZ National Parkour Gathering is upon us! From Friday April 25th to Sunday the 27th, Dunedin (first time hosts) will be putting on a spectacular event for all ages and abilities to participate in. So make sure you get along to the Octagon on Friday. For more information, check out the event page on Facebook.

Official Press Release



Sponsorship and Donations

In order to promote positive self-development, health and education through the practice of parkour we need to partner with other passionate groups and businesses. If your organisation or business has similar goals to us or if you can support us financially or offer donations in kind, we'd love to hear from you.

Stay tuned to hear about our new membership structure and the benefits of being a part of NZ Parkour for you and your family. In the mean time, please consider donating to NZ Parkour (you can claim your tax back!).



NZ Parkour is a Charity!

In a big step forward for parkour in New Zealand, the Charities Commission have accepted our application and we are now a national charity! We hope that this will open a lot of doors for spreading the positive benefits of parkour throughout the country.